A.C. “Union of Agrinio”
We are always at the Aetoloakarnanian farmers’ side, pursuing to establish a regular contact

We are always at the Aetoloakarnanian farmers’ side, pursuing to establish a regular contact

The Union of Agrinio answers your questions

The Union of Agrinio answers your questions

Α Forum of Dialogue

An online service by the Cooperative Union of Agrinio: We answer your questions – a forum of dialogue and interaction for any subject that troubles you.

The President and the Board of the Union have recognized the need for further and direct communication among its members and generally among the members of the agro-pastoral community of Aetoloakarnania. That’s why we have responded to your request as it emerged during our daily contact and decided to activate another service so as all the all producers can express their questions and concerns and receive responsible answers.

Besides, the latter constitutes is the daily practice of the Union since the employees spend a lot of their time and work to explain, guide and provide answers to the producers. The farmers’ service and regular interaction with the Union for any matter that concerns them is also a key scope of the Cooperation, which has developed a wide network of branches, just to be as close as possible to its members.

In any case, we, at the Union of Agrinio, are always available for the producers, who may at any time get in touch with us so as to be supported in the best way. However, noting that the need for denser communication is great, as is the need for direct information, we launch today a new function at our website, the forum “The Farmer’s Voice”, where each producer can send a question and read the reply.

The process is quite simple: you send the question to the email address typos@easagr.gr and our answer will be published on our website (e-ea.gr), under the category "Our news" and the submenu "The Farmer’s Voice”, so that other farmers that may have the same questions, can read the answer provided. Of course, the answer will be sent to you personally as well, at your own email address.

In case your question is very specific and contains personal information or data it is necessary to include, along with your name and email, your telephone number in order to be able to get immediately in contact with you if any clarification is needed. Your contact details will not be made publicly available.

A possible delay regarding your answer might mean that the question is being processed by our departments. In any case, there’s not a chance that a question will be blocked or not answered at all. Of course, if there’s any offensive language used, the relevant expressions will be deleted.

We, therefore, expect your inquiries at typos@easagr.gr and we thank you for the exceptional wide acceptance of our website.