A.C. “Union of Agrinio”
The facility at Spolaitla.

The facility at Spolaitla.

A look inside the factory.

A look inside the factory.

The roofed tanks of the factory.

The roofed tanks of the factory.

At sorting stage

At sorting stage

Olives’ Processing & standardization

Εdible olives and olive oil not only constitute some of the dominant agricultural products of our country. They represent a great cultural heritage, as well, that reflects thousands of years of Greek history and tradition. The olive tree has been a sacred national symbol since ancient times.

An outside view of the factory

An outside view of the factory

The olive tree nourishes, sustains, protects, tones, heals, inspires. An olive branch can bring peace and it can be the biggest prize for a winner. In Aetoloakarnania, approximately 334,000 decares of olive trees are cultivated and the Union of Agrinio adds value to the product of these trees over decades, having already created a processing, packaging and marketing facility of edible olives.

The Union of Agrinio is one of the first Olive Oil Cooperative Organizations in Greece that created such an infrastructure. The first cooperative factory ever built in western Greece was in Agrinio in 1954. Today, the Union continues to be a pioneer in the field, playing a leading role at national level:

  • It has capacities of modern and hygienic storage, processing and packaging of olives - The unique processing plant that provides roofed tanks
  • It employs experienced scientific and technical staff that controls the olives at the factory, so that the end product is completely safe and in excellent quality
  • It consists of experienced olive growers, who carefully cultivate and love the olive
  • It collaborates with major companies in the country and abroad
  • Whether it is about the green and black fleshy olives (Konservoelia) of Agrinio or about the Kalamata variety, it "identifies" the local production.


At the Spolaita plant, where the bearing capacity is of 3,500 tons, the standardization in different packages and sizes takes place:

Black table olives of Konservoelia of Agrinio variety

  • Natural black olives in brine without chemical preservatives
  • Natural black olives engraved in vinaigrette, without chemical preservatives

Table olives of Kalamata variety 

  • Natural olives of Kalamata variety in brine without chemical preservatives
  • Natural olives of Kalamata variety engraved in vinaigrette, without chemical preservatives

Green olives 

  • Spanish-style
  • Pitted
  • Crushed

Bearing in mind the true value of the olives and the region’s possibilities based on the fact that in Aetoloakarnania there are around 15,000 tons produced (of which about 10,000 tons are produced in the Union’s region), we continue the effort to lead our olives even further, even higher in our prefecture.

Having created new labels, participating in all major promotional events of our products, signing agreements with other countries in Europe and beyond ensures not only enlargement of distribution but also the best possible prices for the producers. Our goal is to make the Agrinio’s olives renowned worldwide.

The factory is located in Spolaita, on the old national highway.

Contact: (0030) 2641.0.91024 – Fax : (0030) 2641.0. 91180

Head of the Facility: Akrivi Kouki