A.C. “Union of Agrinio”



To better serve the producers, the Union of Agrinio has established and operates branches, geographically distributed so as to cover the needs of the entire Aetoloakarnania prefecture.

Branches are operated by experienced staff and do fulfill the requirements of the Union’s commercial activities and services.

In each of these branches, one can find supplies and equipment, feedstuff, as well as counseling services and aid regarding the collection of any supporting documents.

Details on the branches:

Location (region) Manager’s full name  Telephone (when dialing from abroad add the prefix 0030)
1) Amfilochia Daskalakis Charalambos 2642.0.22226 and 22366
2) Vonitsa Liarostathi Konstantina 2643.0.29080
3)  Grava Astakou Tegas Panayiotis 2646.0.41979
4) Thermo Spiropoulou Mantha 2644.0.22252
5) Katouna Preza Lambrini 2646.0.31310
6) Lepenou Papaefthimiou Konstantinos 2641.0.92198
7)  Lessini Michalopoulos Theodoros 2643.7.72201
8) Playia Fragolios Stavros 2643.7.70596
9) Statha Karageorgos Evangelos 2647.0.31109
10) Kalyvia Fanariotis Nikos 2641.0.95012 and 95067